Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's in your pockets?

At my class today, my teacher asked if someone in the class had a dime.  Since I neglected to bring my wallet, I emptied my pockets to see if I had one stashed somewhere.

From my pockets, I pulled out:

  • one spool of white thread
  • 2 screws
  • a piece of lego
  • a bobby pin
  • Canadian Tire money
  • An air inflator pin
  • an iPod
  • Lincoln's tooth (in a baggy so you are not TOO grossed out (top front that he just lost yesterday)
  • A Toonie from the tooth fairy, that somehow ended up back in my pocket.
No dime.  But I was pretty sure that being a mom made my pocket contents the most interesting in the class...

Now I super curious - does every mom have random stuff in their pockets at the end of the day?  What are in your pockets right now?  If you feel like leaving a comment about this - it would make my day.  I really want to know!


Vanessa said...

Wow, you must have huge pockets!! I have small, tight pockets. But if I include my coat pockets, I have gloves, an I-pod, a loonie, a receipt, and a bunch of gently used kleenexs :)

missLaura said...

absolutely nothing in my pockets. My purse is another story.

Janine said...

In my parka pocket I have my Merrie Miss bracelet. Are you too young to have done that? It's a bronze looking metal link bracelet with coloured plastic "stones" that you got when you completed certain things at primary.

But we weren't super active, so I'm missing a few.

And in the other pocket I have floss. Dental hygiene is important.

stone's eye view said...

Nothing. No pockets to check. Usually my keys and wallet are in my coat pocket, but I never know just which coat to check.

I love that you had a tooth in there.

The Coopers said...

okay so funny. I cannot beleive u had all that stuff in your pockets..

i rarely have stuff in my pockets, usually the only thing i have are grocery lists...

and like laura, my purse is a whole different story.

b.liz said...

I'm with pockets are empty but my bottomless purse is a wealth of surprises. I'm pretty sure there are no stray teeth in there, though!

burtons*north said...