Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Heart Hawaii


I just got back and will (maybe - who am I kidding) do a more detailed post on this another time.

It was spectacular and other word-ly.  I fell in love and it spoke to my heart and to my soul.  It was other wordly because it was really was a world away from Saskatoon, Calgary, Vancouver, even California, or any other place I have ever been.  It was so beyond pictures I have seen, movies I have watched, or my wildest imagination.  It was honestly paradise.

And since I have been home almost 20 hours, it has been all I have thought about.  I feel like Liz Lemon when she says, "I want to go to there."  I DO!!!  I want to plan another trip, but more than that, it is where I want to end up.  I want to live there and wake up there and surf there and spend my life there.  I have never felt so affected by a place in my life.

I want my daily decisions to be clear, with the focused goal, the end result in mind.  Will this "fill in the blank" take me back to Hawai'i?  I will work towards it with utter determination.  Will I want new jeans, or add that to the Hawaii fund?  It is such a clear answer!!!  Will spending time on Pinterest or spending money decorating my house bring me closer to Hawaii?  If the answer is no - I don't want anything to do with it. It is all I want to be back there.

It is particularly surprising, because for those who know me, know I have previously stated and truly been happy anywhere!  I always thought I could live and be happy anywhere.  But CRAP!!  Not anymore!!!! 

But as I am already thinking about planning the next trip and making good financial choices to ensure that it happens, it made me think of the Celestial Kingdom.  How much more other-wordly it would be.  How much more paradisical it would be.  How even Hawaii would pale in comparison.  How if we got a glimpse of it, ALL of our thoughts, energies, and efforts would be so one track to ensure that is where we end up.  Every single decision we would ever make would be altered by that solitary experience.  So I want to keep that along track my goal to be back in Hawaii.  Will this decision bring me back to my Heavenly Father, because after our experience with Him, to no longer be in presence with Him, will be like coming home to Saskatoon, Sk. after Hawaii.  And trust me - that is painful!!