Friday, November 6, 2009

TLC's 18 Kids and Counting

I have a new favourite show on tv that I LOVE -  TLC's 18 Kids and Counting!!!  It is on my PVR, and I record all episodes, new and old.  When it starts, I start smiling, and the goofy grin stays on my face THE ENTIRE TIME I watch it.  To be honest, it is hard for me to explain why I love it so much, but I am going to try because I think it is so good that everybody should watch it.  (Once you get over that fact that the dad's name is Jim-Bob and the initial shock to the cheesiness-  you get used to it and then start to enjoy it.  And I mean, really love it!)

  1. It does not have extra-ordinarily beautiful people on it, but they are extra-ordinary people which makes them beautiful.
  2. It is not the funniest show on tv (30 Rock holds that title), but, like I said earlier - I am smiling the entire time it is on.
  3. There is no drama, astounding wit or intense situation.  Unless you count living with 21 people.  That would be a lot of drama for me.
  4. It is the only show on tv that I can think of that they talk about God.  They talk about their beliefs, and you see it in action.  I love that they can talk about God.  He has become so taboo that the only time you hear His name on tv now, it is taken in vain.  So this is such a great change.
  5. It seriously inspires me.  There are so many things that I see, and think, Yeah.  I want to do that. For example, I try so hard to never yell anymore because they don't yell at their kids.  Ever.  Did I mention there are 18 of them?  And they are not all over the age of 20.  They have little ones, Lincoln, Oliver, Charlotte, and Ezra's age - plus probably a couple more in the same age span.  And no yelling.  They explained it one show that they want to show by example how the kids need to learn to respond.  Love that.  But I am, by nature, a Neilson.  And Neilson's are LOUD (Happy loud, mad loud, excited loud...  My nana used to tell me "Soft and classy, not loud and Brassy."  Now I tell that to Charlotte and it has come full circle.  She is ALL Neilson - a mini Maja in fact.)  Anyway - back to the Duggar's...
  6. They homeschool.  I went down that crazy road last year and it only lasted a month, but I keep holding it in my heart that maybe I will do it again.  (And as a side note - for all intents and purposes I am doing again, simply because Lincoln will be missing at least a month's worth of school due to this nasty virus.)  I love that she does it though.  LOVE it.  The kids are so happy and the environment is so protected.  And by the the time they get old enough to be out in the world, they make good decisions because that is how they have been taught.
  7. They teach modesty to the kids.  They don't let the boys see immodesty in others and if someone is approaching who is dressed inappropriately, they say the Code Word "Nike" and the boys drop their eyes.  The girls are covered and modest and don't think anything of it.  They want people to focus on their faces, not their bodies.  While extreme, it sure makes a lot of sense.
  8. They all work hard, play hard and are live providently.  Does that even make sense?  I feel as though they are what most LDS people strive to be.  
  9. They are good, righteous, wholesome people who make me want to be better.  And I see how they live and think, "they are living the gospel better than me!!"  I need to work on that!!  (And no, they are not LDS, but holy cow they should be!)  But it is awesome to feel that way after WATCHING A TV SHOW. The ironic thing is they don't watch tv.  At all.  I think they have a 10" screen with rabbit ears that they dig out of the closet to watch if the parents are being interviewed. So many things for me to work on...
OK - so I said it would be hard to explain...  Maybe not so much seeing I could still go on and on. But don't take my word for it -check it out Tues. night on TLC (the Learning Channel).  It is so nice to see something so GOOD on tv and I want to support that kind of television.  Not just by watching it, but also by telling other people about it.  


cheetah said...

Mille & I watch it every week. we love it to. I think the boys are very funny. Great entertainment!

Vanessa said...

It is a great show. But I have to say that she is crazy. She is a baby making machine. I know life is about more that just you, but taking care of yourself is important to. But all the other reasons you stated, I'd agree with. Inspiring and fun.

missLaura said...

ok, now go do your taxes.


made me want to watch it.