Monday, September 28, 2009

Just a Mom...

I was at church yesterday when I had a conversation with a woman I didn't know very well. She is at a stage in her life where she is quite miserable, so this is by no means reflective of her, or her comment. But it is the generalization that warrants this post. Her question to me was:

"Are you just a mom, or do you do anything else?"

Just a mom????

Are you kidding me?

I have heard this question before, but this time it really hit home as to how truly one dimensional it is. I think she was wondering if I had a paid job that I did as well.

But Paul is in medical school - and I am quite sure, even though he also does not get paid, is never asked,

"Are you just a med student?"

I answered her with my tail feathers ruffled that I was far more than JUST a mom.

I am taking a class (and kicking butt and taking name in it), I am taking piano lessons, I am running, I have four children who need/demand/want me, a husband who I try to support with a happy home and few pressures (except for the deck - another story entirely), I babysit one day a week, I am in a book club, I am involved at Lincoln's school, I am active in my callings at church... Here I am justifying to the anonymous world of the internet that I am more than just a one dimensional person.

But as I write the things that I do and that occupy my time, I am realizing that if all I was was a mom - than I might be far better at it. It might mean that I was putting all of my very best possible effort into one of the most difficult and important jobs in the world. I am raising my children to be good citizens; happy responsible adults who love God, people and the world around them.

If that really was "all I did" wouldn't that be enough???

Friday, September 18, 2009

What an idiot...

When I check my blogroll to see who has posted, I always go to my own blog. Which means I am looking at my own blog every single day! And I have to be honest - how my blog looks drives me mental most of the time. I feel like I change the appearance of my blog on a weekly basis - almost more than I post. But I like being able to change it whenever I get sick of seeing the same old thing!

Now knowing this about myself, I really wonder why, at 16, I thought it was SUCH an awesome idea to GET A TATOO!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Growing Pains

My goals this semester are intense. I am expanding my mind and downsizing my body. And my report: It is painful!! The whole everything! My brain is not used to this business of sustained exertion, and for that matter, neither is my body. UGH. All good Ugh, but Ugh all the same.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sweet, Sweet Linc

Lincoln is a very sweet boy. He is tender and thoughtful and wants to be a good boy. BUT he is OBSESSED with Lego. I mean obsessed. Since we no longer watch tv/computer games and only do one movie a week, this is how he fills his time. He makes very elaborate space ships, and space stations. He will spend quite some time working hard on a new design, and then give it to his brother to play with. He talks about what he is going to build next, shows me the features on the projects he is working on, takes them to bed with him... He LOVES lego. But, he feels he doesn't have ENOUGH lego. Paul and I are trying really hard to cut back on our spending, so we have talked about how Christmas is coming up and he should think about which set to ask Santa for. For about 2.5 weeks, it was almost out of control how desperate he was about getting more lego. He cried, begged, pleaded... he NEEDED more lego. FOR TWO AND A HLAF WEEKS! He was driving me crazy!!!! So we started doing an allowance. We have always had a chore chart where the kids are responsible for the number of chores as how old they are, but we weren't in a super routine and only really did it a couple times a week. Now, we told Lincoln that for every sticker he gets $0.10. He collects every Saturday. First, we take out tithing, then we divide the remaining into 2 jars; mission and spending. This really is a painfully slow way to get a lego set, but Paul and I feel like we need to teach them to save, to work hard, save for a mission... etc. So that is the plan. He has now been saving for a few weeks and feels like he is in control - and can buy that lego set when he works hard enough. (And more to the point, he no longer asks for more Lego.)

He came home today all on fire after learning about Terry Fox. "Mom, were you alive when Terry Fax ran partway across Canada?" Did you know he had a prosthetic and did it on one leg?" " When I grow up, I want to be just like Terry Fox" and then, (this is the part that gets me):

"Mom, in 2 weeks when we have the Terry Fox run, I want to give all my money to help the people who need prosthetics. I just want to dedicate my life to helping others."

Man, I love that little boy - even more than he loves his Lego.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy New Years!

When September rolls around, I go from being really sad that summer is gone (and completely terrified that another Saskatchewan winter is upon us) - to utterly thrilled at the new year! Although I know it technically isn't a new year, it feels way more like it than January 1.

With that in mind, and thanks to an 8 hour drive home from Glenwood, I was able to plan, set some goals and get excited about the coming months.

1. Take piano lessons! I have started/stopped so many times I have lost count, but now I have Lincoln doing it with me so there is no stopping allowed. Since I am already threatening him within a inch of his life to practice, it is the least I can do. Really, the timing is perfect.

2. Take Chemistry 30 (grade 12 chem). Holy dinah this one scares the crap out of me! I never passed chem 30 in high school - but I like to think that it was because I NEVER went, missed a couple unit tests, etc; not because I COULDN'T do it. But now - all bets are off! What happens if I go to every class, do all my homework and actually write the tests... and still do poorly! That would be a disaster! So I am basically studying every night because my fear is all consuming. I read my notes while I am eating lunch, blow drying my hair, "watching" the kids on the tramp... This has resulted in my being the ultimate nerd in class. On the first night I thought 80% would be awesome. Then I heard how some people are gunning for a 90% to get into competitive programs. That really pushed me over the edge. Now I have to get 100%!!

3. Run 10 km in 60 min by the real New Year. That is a REALLY fast pace for me, since my current speed would rival the tortoise, with the endurance of the hare. NOT a great combo.

4. No tv for all of September. Paul and I can watch a movie once a week and the kids can pick a movie once a week. But nothing more. It has been more than a little weird. What? Else? Is? There????? Thankfully goal #2 is taking up some time, but wow. Have a little more free time now... You may see I post a little more often...!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Funny Pauly

Paul went to Walmart last night and brought me home some candy. He pulled out "17 Again" and yelled EYE candy!!! hahahahaha

EYE candy!

That guy makes me laugh.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello Hotness

I just saw "17 Again" and now have a cougar crush on Zac.