Saturday, September 18, 2010

Adieu, Inner Frump

Do you ever have days where you realize you have been heading full-bore to a destination you had no intention of going to?  Yesterday was one of those days.  And the destination I nearly arrived at was Frumpsville, Homeschool Saskatchewan, Canada.

Holy Crap - when did that happen?  Was it when I "decided" my hair wasn't that frizzy if it was constantly pulled into a pony tail when my hair was still half-wet?  Never mind the super weird bumps that plagued my frizzy mop the second I took my hair out, or that I was cold all the time because I was walking around with wet hair virtually all day long and had to pile on Paul's Mr. Roger's sweaters.

Maybe it was when I sort-of stopped wearing make-up.  It wasn't that I was against it, it just seemed silly when I hadn't yet washed my face from the morning.

It really could have tipped the scales when I wore my too-big-everywhere-but-my-ever-growing-belly-yoga-pants (complete with paint splotches) Out.  In. Public.  Complete with my frizzy pony-tail and wan skin.

Oh the mental picture you are all getting now is a pretty one, isn't it??

But unquestionably, what bought my one-way, non-refundable ticket to Frumpsville was going to girls night last night and realizing the sweater I was wearing was accompanied by another on my teeth.  Yep.  I had forgotten to brush my teeth that morning.  I had showered (which meant frizzy, pony-tail hair) - but got interrupted before I finished my 1 minute regime, and consequently completely forgot about the teeth.


I was one, terrifyingly small step away from being a braless, tie-died shirt wearing ultimate homeschooling frumpster.


This coming from someone who is absolutely and completely in love with the 1950's housewife for  wearing high heels and a dress while vacuuming.  I even HAVE the high heels that I would wear vacuuming, and holy crap - they are HOT!!!  So why, oh why - did I nearly embrace the unruly hippy of the 60's??  My inner time-machine sent me to the Wrong Decade!

I read a really funny bio about someone who claimed "Fancy Nancy books had changed my life".  And that was when I realized that was my way off the train!  Fancy Nancy is about to become my shining beacon for a brand new me!!

So this morning I showered(!),  brushed (and flossed!!) my teeth, did my hair and make-up, (!!!) put on my pearls and super cute cardi (!!!!) and went...  to work cleaning my house.  But I finally felt again that I did care about how I looked.  I may be getting bigger every day, but at least I felt like I looked good!

So Adieu, inner frump (adieu is a fancy way of saying goodbye.)  My time machine has been re-adjusted; from now on it is Bonjour Fancy Nancy!!!