Thursday, January 29, 2009


So little Ezra has been sick.  Sicker than he has ever been (ok, it is the first time he has been sick) and he acts like he has discovered that it isn't just a land of boobs and tickles, but that it is a cruel, cruel world.  Poor babe!!!  As I have been nursing him through it, I have been grateful for the antibodies he is getting through me and hoping beyond hope that it would pass quickly.  The problem with antibodies, I am discovering, is that you have to have them to pass them on.  Enter sick Mommy.  Because No One should have to be sick alone.  And Charlotte, who loves to kiss and sing about an inch from his face now coughs like a seal.  Without covering her mouth.  It is only a matter of time now for the rest of them.  So it turns out I am on the same page as Ezra - it is a cruel, cruel world, but I know it will be back to happy times soon enough.  Until then, I am going to bed!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Rink that Saved Winter

Paul put a rink in the back yard.  BTW - our house is still a DISASTER from the flood, and while I wanted him to do the rink, what I wanted more was the house clean.  But in an effort to be a non-bossy wife (something I am working on), he did what he wanted and I kept my mouth clamped.  While it was flooding, I was secretly FREAKING out!  While you are recovering from a flood, do you flood another area ???  The water was running for FOUR hours!  That is a lot of water pooling perilously close to our house.  Then I worried about the ice being bumpy - it was snowing while he was doing it.  If we were going to do this, I wanted to make sure the kids could at least use it...  Every 10 minutes, I would ask how it was going (so cas), insisting "we" go look at it - feigning super excitement, masking my fear like a pro.  It was ridiculously cold, and so it only took a day for it to freeze completely.  And NOW, we have the BEST RINK EVER in our back yard!!  I love Paul for making it a priority and doing it regardless of the house.  It gets the kids outside while I CLEAN (even better), and they are loving learning how to skate.  It is so tempting for me to wait to have fun until I do something (usually involving cleaning).  But that showed me the error of my ways.  I even went out there with my skates for some winter fun and it turns out that I love winter in Saskatoon.  YEAH FOR PAUL!!