Saturday, October 3, 2009

And Then There is Oli...

For those of you who made a comment on Sweet, Sweet Linc that perhaps the reason why Lincoln is such a sweet, tender boy is because I am his mother - I would like you to know that it is more likely that Lincoln is as sweet as he is DESPITE me, not BECAUSE of me.

For example:

At church on Sunday, Oliver came running up to me while I was still lingering and chatting in Relief Society.  He had his usual paraphernalia with him that he had done in primary that he was excited to show me.  Since Canadian Thanksgiving is looming (I assume this is the reason), the kids were asked to draw a picture of what they were thankful for.  I am sure there were children who drew lovely pictures of their families, or of healthy bodies, or some other lovely thing.

Oli told me proudly that he was "grateful for Zombies!"  Indeed - the two "people" in his picture had x's for eyes, and arms sticking straight out.  My child was the most grateful for the undead.

Yes, that was a proud parenting moment.

And I realized that it was because the night before I had introduced them to the music video Thriller and Lincoln, Oliver and Charlotte were working hard to master the epic dance moves of the late MJ.  

So all of you who thought I was a good mom now stand corrected; any inherent goodness in our kids is all because of Paul - his genes and his parenting.

But their moves...

they get that all from me.