Friday, April 30, 2010

It is that Time of Year Again

I have a love/hate relationship with spring.  It is such a huge relief to get out of the (let's be honest) demoralizing winter's of Saskatchewan.  They are so long, so cold and so painful that when spring comes - you grab hold of tight, like a treasured prize you are afraid to lose.  I feel like I can start being social again! I no longer want to hide out in my house in hibernation mode!

But with the spring - in Saskatoon anyway, comes a whole different wave of sadness.  We, like many of our friends, are Alberta/BC ex-pats.  We came to Saskatchewan with the lure and hope of being able to get into the college of our husband's dream's (mostly Dental, but a few crazies want Vet Med, Medicine, Education, Pharmacy or Law).  Like our friends we moved away from family and have had babies out here and have raised young families.  It is a unique place where people come, try to get in, stay a few years and then - move on.

And every spring it happens - people move on.  I am so grateful for spring to finally arrive here, but also hate that it is always associated with farewells.  I am so happy for the friends that I have made here over the years, and equally happy for my friends - that they get to move on to the next chapter of life (What?  You can actually be DONE school AND make money?????), but I am sad for me to say goodbye.

This year we say goodbye to the Jubber's, Stone's (maybe not?), Gauthier's, Cooper's, Baker's and Jahn's. We will really miss you guys.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Since Ezra is now, umm...  *about* 19 3/4 months old, many of you must assume that surely I must be talking about the profession.  But no - this post is about why I am still nursing my man-child.  I felt like I had to do this as almost a confessional - but I am just getting over a bout of mastitis and my secret came out.  Yes, I am still nursing.  And I know that I must stop soon.  But for now - this is why:
a)  He is such a cutie and when I ask him if he wants to nurse, he says through a closed mouth this high, soft "um-hum"with a raised intonation at the end.  It melts me!   it is so freaking cute, it gets me.  Every. Single. Time.
b)  He doesn't talk yet!  He has a couple words, but for the most part he is just a happy, easy going baby who lets his brother's and sister do all the talking for him.  (The doctor said he has fluid in his ears and may need tubes... but I don't know any more details yet.)   And if he was to come up to me and say, "Mom, would you please let me have some breast milk" I just might barf.  No words=not gross.  At least not yet.
c)  It doesn't slow me down or impede on my life in any way.  I get a couple extra minutes of snuggle-time/sleep in the morning - and who would object to that?!?
d)  The AMA and CPA (American Medical Assoc., Canadian Ped. Assoc and pretty much any other Assoc. that has anything to do with kids) all recommend that you nurse "to 2 years and beyond".  Ok, really????  It is crazy to think that is what they recommend.  I am feeling weird enough that I am still nursing him and he is still less than 2.  But whatever.
e)  Have you seen me in the last 6 months?  I have lost 40 lbs!!!!!  Not entirely sure how - it may be a combination things, but I am pretty sure nursing has had something to do with it.  Seriously though - I am more than a little nervous to be completely done!  I am loving my skinny jeans and am quite sure I am not wanting to open up my Big Bin again.
f)  He isn't my last baby (at least I don't think he is), but I am recognizing that this time is limited.  So very, very short.  Maybe that is why I have nursed him for about 4 months longer than any of my other kids.  
g)  Those eyes...

It won't be for much longer, but for now I just had to say it.  

My name is Maja Russell and I still nurse.

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Best Frien-Emy

Did you know that problem gamblers can have themselves banned from their choice of casino(s) for an entire year?  That is freaking awesome!  For people who recognize they have a problem, (and likely after a really BAD binge) they can talk to the manager and have themselves put on a no-trespassing list along with their photo ID.  That way, when days pass and the remorse of the previous bender is forgotten and they want to go back, need to even, they are arrested on the spot for trespassing.  Seriously, it is BRILLIANT.  What better way to help someone who has an issue?  Keep them from the source!

Now, if only I could convince Costco to do this for me - I would be very, very happy (or, more to the point, Paul would be very, very happy...)  After trying to find a home for 14 boxes of cereal from our last trip, I think I may have a problem.

And NEED to be put on that list.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Match Maker Lincoln


Lincoln - "Mom, I need you to pull my loose tooth tonight."

Me - "Sure (I love pulling their teeth out and normally it's a fight), but why tonight?"

Lincoln - "So the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy can meet!!!"

Love that kid.