Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Done and Done!

So with no taxes looming, obviously there is not much that I can think of that is blog worthy.


I finished chem 30 Monday night

And I got a 96 overall.

Yep - feeling pretty good.

Although, I have to admit - that 4% is really, SERIOUSLY, bugging me.

The parts that I AM happy about:

  • It is such a transition from when I took it in high school and failed.  I would never go to class and would regularly skip unit tests.  I have now learned that it is kinda helpful to attend AND write tests in an attempt to get good grades.
  • It was a challenge.  Not only was the class hard on my unused brain, but also finding time to study with the kids
  • Two times a week, I would walk out the door, Paul put the kids to bed and I could think of something other than diapers, dinner preparations and cleaning.  One night - after a particularly exasperating day, Paul asked if I wanted to go to class - I was shocked at how vehemently I responded YES!  It was seriously fantastic to walk out the door to do something that I genuinely enjoyed.  (As I was rewriting my notes one day with my brightly coloured pen collection, Paul came into the office, saw what I was doing and said, "Nerd it up, Poindexter.  Nerd it up!"  I did, do, and love it.
  • One day I went and was sitting beside my friend Brittany.  She is 18 and young and cute and trying to get into dental hygiene.  I looked down, looked at her and realized we were wearing EXACTLY the same outfit!  I commented to her how awesome she must feel wearing the exact same outfit as a 32 yr old mom of 4!!  I am sure she was super pumped!!!
  • I can finally graduate from high school!  Class of 2009 BABY!!!  I was short 2 credits and, even though I could write Alberta Education a letter and get the 2 credits from "life experience" - I just always thought that was LAME.  So, this was always the plan - to get chem 30 and graduate.  It only took me 14 years to do it.  As a side note, I did go to university (- haven't quite finished that either... noticing a pattern yet?  Hello, ADD!) and at this rate will be 147 when I graduate from univeristy, but hey.  Long term goals.)
  • IT WAS FREE!!  Thank you Saskatchewan tax payers!!!
But it is done. And I am mostly happy.  And I may or may not ever get over that 4%.

Now on to Physics 30 in Jan!


Jackie S. said...

YAY!!! Congratulations!! Doesn't it feel like SUCH a huge accomplishment, especially when you kick it's butt with a 96%!!!! :0)

Becky said...

Yipee! Go Maja! I am so excited for you its such a great feeling to accomplish goals!

p.s. blog more. about nothing. It helps me pass the time I should be studying!

The Lawlor's said...

Good work. 96% is super. You had to do it that way as to not show up anyone too much, they don't like that at school!

Naomi said...

I am so proud of you!!... and all that you do! To squeeze this into the rest of your life, then do so excellent, is such an accomplishment. Congrats!

Vanessa said...

So awesome!!! I found high school so much easier for my adult brain to deal with. Weird how that works. Keep up the great work :)

Kevin and Amy Ledding said...

I am just bursting for you Maja! SO Super pumped! It kinda feels like one of those proud momma moments....although your not my child and I'm not your momma...... but you know what I'm getting at.

And by the way Kev just told me something else.....I need to call you, you little stink!

missLaura said...

HOORAY for Maja! I love Paul's comment, nerd it up. I am going to have to use that one. Good job, you worked so hard, you deserve 100%

stone's eye view said...

You did great! Its all about the letter grade anyways. A+ is an A+.
My only problem with Physics 30 is that means still no badminton!

burtons*north said...

you go girl.