Wednesday, August 31, 2011

That Time of Year

To say there has been a hiatus with the blog, is, well, a massive understatement.

But my 11th anniversary has moved me back into the blogging world.

There are many things that I can look back and say without hesitation that I definitely never saw coming11 years ago.

  • Five kids???  Ok, I guess I kindof thought we would have a big-ish family.  And in my head, I guess I kindof thought between 4 and 6.  But that was all a theory.  To be honest, I didn't particularly like kids and the idea of having them was based on a promise by my mom that I would actually, really love my own.  (Thank goodness she was right!!)  But the actuality of having 5 kids is very different than thinking numbers in your head when you are young and kid-free. 
  • That we would ever leave Calgary.  We love Calgary.  We were both born and raised there.  We love having our family close. We love the mountains (ok, Paul wins this in a landslide, although I do think they are very pretty in a I-don't-actually-want-to-climb-them-sort of way.)  We love the other amenities too.  The shopping, the zoo, leisure centres, bike paths, science centre...
  • That Paul would not be a production manager.  When we got married, that was the plan and he was in school finishing off his degree.  I also didn't imagine that he would go back to school, only 2 1/2 short years after graduating, and eventually accumulate two more degrees.  

  • But the thing I really, really never saw coming was that I would be spending our anniversary alone  (Paul is Regina for 3 months for the first part of his residency) and that he would checking other lady's downstair's business before telling them it was time to push.  Nope.  Most Definitely did not picture that one.
Happy Anniversary, Paul.  You are pretty friggin' awesome.  And without question, I am a better person for having married you.