Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Done and Done!

So with no taxes looming, obviously there is not much that I can think of that is blog worthy.


I finished chem 30 Monday night

And I got a 96 overall.

Yep - feeling pretty good.

Although, I have to admit - that 4% is really, SERIOUSLY, bugging me.

The parts that I AM happy about:

  • It is such a transition from when I took it in high school and failed.  I would never go to class and would regularly skip unit tests.  I have now learned that it is kinda helpful to attend AND write tests in an attempt to get good grades.
  • It was a challenge.  Not only was the class hard on my unused brain, but also finding time to study with the kids
  • Two times a week, I would walk out the door, Paul put the kids to bed and I could think of something other than diapers, dinner preparations and cleaning.  One night - after a particularly exasperating day, Paul asked if I wanted to go to class - I was shocked at how vehemently I responded YES!  It was seriously fantastic to walk out the door to do something that I genuinely enjoyed.  (As I was rewriting my notes one day with my brightly coloured pen collection, Paul came into the office, saw what I was doing and said, "Nerd it up, Poindexter.  Nerd it up!"  I did, do, and love it.
  • One day I went and was sitting beside my friend Brittany.  She is 18 and young and cute and trying to get into dental hygiene.  I looked down, looked at her and realized we were wearing EXACTLY the same outfit!  I commented to her how awesome she must feel wearing the exact same outfit as a 32 yr old mom of 4!!  I am sure she was super pumped!!!
  • I can finally graduate from high school!  Class of 2009 BABY!!!  I was short 2 credits and, even though I could write Alberta Education a letter and get the 2 credits from "life experience" - I just always thought that was LAME.  So, this was always the plan - to get chem 30 and graduate.  It only took me 14 years to do it.  As a side note, I did go to university (- haven't quite finished that either... noticing a pattern yet?  Hello, ADD!) and at this rate will be 147 when I graduate from univeristy, but hey.  Long term goals.)
  • IT WAS FREE!!  Thank you Saskatchewan tax payers!!!
But it is done. And I am mostly happy.  And I may or may not ever get over that 4%.

Now on to Physics 30 in Jan!