Friday, November 6, 2009

Family Pics

You have seen a preview of some pics that were taken By Chantelle Slocombe - but here are the rest.  She is so good and I am thrilled with them!  I am hoping that there is an awesome one of everyone that is still going to come...  (just as an FYI - the last family pics we had done, I was pregnant with Charlotte, so we were a little overdue for some new ones!!)

Paul and Me 
(yes, that grammar is correct - I think...)




Oli - Boli or Bolsifer
(or Small-iver, but he doesn't like that one too much)

(Chuck - but mostly she gets MAD when you call her anything but Charlotte)

The Ezi-nator

The Group


Sharon said...

These pictures are AWESOME!!! I LOVE the one on your header.
I can't believe how big Charlotte is and Ezra too! Insane how quickly time passes and how quickly children grown up.

missLaura said...

you guys look great. Good job co-ordinating the outfits, they are cute!

Aimee said...

Oh my GOSH!!! I love them. You guys all look amazing... as if you aren't in Med. School or something. Cute, cute kids.

The Fisher Family said...

I love these pictures! Your family is BEAUTIFUL! You look beautiful! I miss you, I read through your blog and realized just how much!

Vanessa said...

What lovely pictures! Where were they taken?

The Coopers said...

you guys look so great!!!

So glad they turned out and you guys all look so good!

burtons/north said...

these pictures are perfect. what a perfect, perfect family.