Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Man, I am the worst at updates.  As requested, here is some more info...

California was awesome and... no earthquakes.  Wicked.  The shoot was super fun. but I am not sure when/if they will use the footage.  They do it with 4 different people every 6 weeks and so get an overload of material.  At first I was a little bummed that it might not be used - like maybe it was an indicator that they weren't thrilled with what I said. And what about my friends whom I had told about the shoot, and then... no Maja.  I wouldn't want anyone to think I had LIED!  And then, I realized, all that was the ca-RAZY talking, and in the end if they didn't use it, I still got a fantastic free trip to California with my sweet Hubs and Chubs (aka Saskatoon Fats, McChub...  Ezra) AND I don't have to be on tv talking ABOUT MY ACNE.  Turns out, I am perfectly ok with option #2.

Photos of the shoot:

At the Getty with the cute boys...  (Just as an FYI - Ezra really was the star of the shoot - they ATE up the chubbiness)

Now on to Lincoln - he is getting BETTER!!!!  I really started to notice a difference when I got home from church on Sunday.  And then on Monday - it was like he was himself again.  He got dressed!!!!  For the first time in 10 days!!!!  AND said he was "really hungry and sick and tired of fasting..."  haha!   I was over the moon with relief and so, so grateful that he was getting better.  I kept hugging him all day and yelling - You are getting BETTER!!  I am so HAPPY!

And then, as I was walking out of my house to an exam, Lincoln said he was super itchy.  So I checked him out and the poor kid was covered in HIVES!  I mean head to toe, can't stop scratching welt-y looking nastiness.  I went from utter elation of having him improve so dramatically to despair that he was allergic to the antibiotic that was saving his life.  It was all I could do to not sob.  I was more upset at the sight of those things than going to the hospital in an ambulance.  At that point I was still in ignorance to the gravity of the situation, but now I was fully aware of the seriousness.  And he couldn't take the drug anymore.

And I was going to class to write an EXAM.

Every question I read my head spun thinking of Lincoln.  Do I take him back to the ER?  Walk-in?  How does Le Chatellier's principle apply to...?  How can I phone the health line, ER, family friends who are doctors from here?  What is the concentrations of products and reactants at equilibrium?  Is this as big a deal as I am making it out to be in my head???

I could hardly read my eyes were so blurred from tears.

Finally I finished and got a hold of our friend Kevin, who is nearing the end of his residency in family med and calmed my super over reactive fears.  He said Lincoln wasn't likely allergic, and I should continue on with the treatment.

What a stress though.  I did as Kevin told me, and sure enough - there has been nothing more.  And he keeps getting better; and more and more bored at being at home.  He really could go back tomorrow, but I will likely keep him home until Monday just to be on the safe side.

So there - updated!!  Thanks again for all your prayers, well wishes and support.  It meant a lot to me to know so many people cared.

(And an update on the exam... I got 96%.) 


b.liz said...

OF COURSE you rocked a 96! Great job.

Poor Lincoln! I didn't know he was sooooo sick, but what a relief to be getting healthy again.


stone's eye view said...

96%???? With a sick kid on your mind? That is beyond incredible.

cheetah said...

Camille is wondering when my friend is going to be on TV on proactive. She is DYING to see you.

Janine said...

You look fabulous - here and on the shoot. So skinny!

I'm glad Lincoln's starting to be better. And did anyone else get H1N1?

Here, just Coleman got sick - I thought it a bit weird that no one else got it - because I certainly wasn't a germ nazi.

I saw your mom and grandma at Costco - I'm sure she mentioned it, because how could it not have been the highlight of her week???

Are you coming here for Christmas? Call if you do. We're around.

Plus, Congrats on the 96%.

Jackie S. said...

What an exciting little time you're family has been having lately. Congrats on the 96%!!!

The Coopers said...

Oh what fun, wish i could get a sweet trip for free!
You looked awesome by the way, and yikes on all the stresses lately, poor thing.
I am so happy to hear that things are so much better and way to go on the exam!

Vanessa said...

You're amazing!!! So good on your test. And I'm glad Lincoln is feeling better. Sick kids are tough on a mom.

Flora said...

So happy that Lincoln is feeling better! Love your blog, Maja. Your personality shines right through!