Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh the Heaven

So I am in Heaven.  I don't know if you have ever tried Skor Bites, but they are OH-SO-GOOD!!!!  I had a slight addiction with them and may or may not have needed a 12 step program, but then I couldn't find them anymore.  Anywhere.  It was always on my grocery list and just moved on to the next list, week after week.  I finally thought about contacting Hershey to find out why they were always sold out and it turned out they stopped making them.  I felt so strongly about them that I decided to write them a letter imploring them to bless the world with delicious nuggets again.  This was several months ago.  I was so sad!!!  The world no longer had the perfect treat!  I truly mourned them.  Then the other day, I walked into Walmart.  And there they were, like a beacon, shrouded in the glow of luminescent light.  I hurried over and proceeded to EMPTY THE BOX (maybe they only had one box they found in the back, underneath a mattress so I wasn't going to take any chances.)  For the rest of my trip in the store, I walked around with the biggest, goofiest grin on my face.  Honestly, anyone who looked at me cocked their head in wonder - probably as to what I was up to.  It was all I could do to not tell everyone I saw "They are BACK!!".  Thank you Hershey for making my world a happier, (albeit fatter) place.  

*NB - The Skor Bites that I came with are now gone... and I went back to buy some more, but alas - they are SOLD OUT AGAIN!  When you see them, buy many, many bags  - you will be so glad you started your "year supply" with these amazing treats, although if you are anything like me, they won't last until next week...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fickle, fickle girl

So if you haven't seen Charlotte lately, (or at all) she is a mini, mini me.  Seriously.  She looks exactly like me and fortunately/unfortunately we also have the same personalities.  Add to it the fact that she is 2 and you can guess how well we get along most days.  Lately, I have decided that I am not going to butt heads with her any more - but look for ways I can say yes (without losing the top-dog status - but make her think she has a say)!  So this has been going on for a few weeks and I am thrilled to report that I no longer want to sell her!  Instead of screaming at me today, she told me (randomly) "I love you Mommy.  You are my best friend!"  (Hallelujah choruses in the background...)  I am shocked and warmed and loved and over the moon!  I have figured her out!!!!  Tonight, as she was getting ready for bed I wanted to "review" so as to not forget my new status.  I was giving her a cuddle and loves and said, "who is your best friend, Charlotte?"  She chirped right up and said "Kiah - not you Mommy, and she is not your friend.  She's mine."  


Saturday, March 7, 2009

$100 bet

So my family is doing this $100 no sugar thing.  You can't eat any sugar or you have to put in $100 to give to the winner.  Sadly, after 5 days I was out because I TOTALLY forgot and licked a lollipop!!  A LOLLIPOP!!!  So not worth it.  GRRRR!  What can you do?  I have post-baby brain and CANNOT be trusted to not forget something.  (OK - that may have been a double negative, but who's counting...)  Anyway the bet has now evolved into reading scriptures daily, working out for 30 min 4x a week and saying your prayers.  So I am thinking Paul and I are going to do it - and make it separate.  $100 for no sugar, $100 for the other stuff.  While I am at it though - I am thinking that I want to make $100 for a lot of different things.  Like making dinner every night for a month.  It would be WAY cheaper to give me a $100 reward at the end of the month than to order pizza once a week and better for us...!  And laundry.  I think that should start costing $10 a load... to stay on top of it.  And while I had the dayhome, I paid a cleaning lady to come in 2 x a month - does that mean now that I am doing her job, I can get paid for it too??  Man at the end of this I am going to be making BUCKS DELUXE!  

Genes and Weird Science

Out of the kids in my family, as far as looks go, we mostly all got my dad's genes.  Four out of the 5 kids have blue eyes (dad), again 4 out of 5 got thin, mostly useless hair (thanks again, dad); we all have a "Neilson" look that makes it fairly easy to tell we are siblings.  Nothing obvious from my mom's side, except we all have her hair line.  At the top sides of our foreheads, it gets really, really thin.  Like baby hair that never grew out.  While I was looking in the mirror today, I noticed I am starting to get a few grays in that area.  But unfortunately the option of plucking is not there since it would look like male pattern baldness instead of just gray.  Bald or gray?  Can't say I like my options!  Couldn't I get her thick, gorgeous hair instead of the hairline??  Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just order your genes old school style like Weird Science and just scan all the elements you want into the computer!  Sign me up!