Thursday, December 16, 2010

Under or over?

In and amoungst all the blogs that are appropriately talking about Christmas, this post is going to be about the inappropriate and eternal debate of:  bra over...  or under.  (Not know what I am talking about?  Don't worry about it.)

Why is this subject to a blog post you ask?  

I have discovered a few things after purchasing some fantastic new maternity jeans : (motherhood)

a) that I love the complete over the tummy stretchy band these jeans have.  I never knew anything over the tummy when you are pregnant could feel SO good - but these - ahhhhh.  MAJOR Comf.  Seriously, those sceptical should give them a try.  It is like getting a gentle hug, all day.  Holds you in AND up... Shouldn't that be a requisite for all clothing?
b) No. More. Muffin. Top.  Need I say more?
c) Jeans have a far greater chance of staying up with all that extra material, or at least are far less likely to show any...  umm... plumber's...  umm... you know.  On that note, what is with maternity pants???  Seriously, this is the first pair I have ever worn that I wasn't forever yanking on to try to get them to stay where they should.  
d) that when you tuck your g's under this, it helps them stay up even better.  It is like cotton-y glue!  AWESOME!!!

BUT:  When you tuck your top into them, and then put your bra over... guess who loses in this ultimate fabric tug-of-war???  

I'll give you a hint:  rhymes with Moobs.  

The girls become the ultimate losers and are pulled down and squished to look (dare I say) WORSE than post-nursing!  I didn't know it was possible to make them look even less cheerless than wearing no bra at all.  But let me tell you - it IS possible with bra-over-tucked-in-holding-up-your-pants. 

Which brings me back to the original question.  

Bra under (girls stay where they should and despite their comparison to a much larger tummy, are actually looking pretty dang good these days) 

OR bra over (girls look saggy and the bra proceeds to slide up ultimately a making a friendly smiley face on not so friendly turf.  Ouch and Ug all at the same time.)


Becky Johnson said...

I was totally all for the bra over. I jut bought the long g tops, and then adjusted the ladies in the bra before I pulled up the panel on the pants.
And I'm TOTALLY with you on the full panel coverage. Love love love those jeans.

Anonymous said...

love those jeans. amazing, and i am all for under because thast also what you do when nursing, or your get milk all over your g tops gross, and i dunno about you, but since we have more then one now, i get milk while i am prego.

akathemom said...

I loved those jeans. When I got huge and they really wouldn't stay up, I used my kids mitten clips to attach my pants to my bra. Worked great!!!

Anonymous said...

Maternity, Turkey eating pants were one of the greatest things invented. It's true there is nothing more comfortable then these huge band tummy snuggling pants, and I am proud to admit I continued to wear mine close to 6 months post partum. Probably because I was big enough to wear them that long, but mostly I say because they were just that comfortable!

Anonymous said...

Oh and about the Over/Under part. I find this to be a problem even without maternity pants on. I wear over, however there is an important step called the "Tuck & Lift" this pertains to the girls placement, and unfortunately the old tuck and lift has to be done periodically through out the day, it's usually an extra step for me each time I use the washroom but it helps to avoid the "I've got 70 year old breast-eses" look.
CAUTION: When attempting the "Tuck and Lift" technique make sure both girls are done, or strange funny looks from strangers and your husband may occur. Just a warning!

missLaura said...

Maja, you should get a butt and then your jeans would stay up no problem! haha
You are funny, glad you posted this- I knew people would relate!

Mrs.N said...

100% under. I do under for a long time before and after. Nothing wrong with that.

Mandy said...

I recently learned (while purchasing a new bra) that you're supposed to lean forward then put on your bra and do it up. This ensures that the ladies are in the bra cup fully and it helps them stay up. Also, a bra that fits properly helps with the "dropage" issue weather you wear your bra on top or under your g's. : )

b.liz said...

I just bought the same jeans and LOVE 'EM! Although I'm still yanking them up to stay on my butt most of the time. I guess I need to try cotton g's to minimize slippage.