Saturday, September 18, 2010

Adieu, Inner Frump

Do you ever have days where you realize you have been heading full-bore to a destination you had no intention of going to?  Yesterday was one of those days.  And the destination I nearly arrived at was Frumpsville, Homeschool Saskatchewan, Canada.

Holy Crap - when did that happen?  Was it when I "decided" my hair wasn't that frizzy if it was constantly pulled into a pony tail when my hair was still half-wet?  Never mind the super weird bumps that plagued my frizzy mop the second I took my hair out, or that I was cold all the time because I was walking around with wet hair virtually all day long and had to pile on Paul's Mr. Roger's sweaters.

Maybe it was when I sort-of stopped wearing make-up.  It wasn't that I was against it, it just seemed silly when I hadn't yet washed my face from the morning.

It really could have tipped the scales when I wore my too-big-everywhere-but-my-ever-growing-belly-yoga-pants (complete with paint splotches) Out.  In. Public.  Complete with my frizzy pony-tail and wan skin.

Oh the mental picture you are all getting now is a pretty one, isn't it??

But unquestionably, what bought my one-way, non-refundable ticket to Frumpsville was going to girls night last night and realizing the sweater I was wearing was accompanied by another on my teeth.  Yep.  I had forgotten to brush my teeth that morning.  I had showered (which meant frizzy, pony-tail hair) - but got interrupted before I finished my 1 minute regime, and consequently completely forgot about the teeth.


I was one, terrifyingly small step away from being a braless, tie-died shirt wearing ultimate homeschooling frumpster.


This coming from someone who is absolutely and completely in love with the 1950's housewife for  wearing high heels and a dress while vacuuming.  I even HAVE the high heels that I would wear vacuuming, and holy crap - they are HOT!!!  So why, oh why - did I nearly embrace the unruly hippy of the 60's??  My inner time-machine sent me to the Wrong Decade!

I read a really funny bio about someone who claimed "Fancy Nancy books had changed my life".  And that was when I realized that was my way off the train!  Fancy Nancy is about to become my shining beacon for a brand new me!!

So this morning I showered(!),  brushed (and flossed!!) my teeth, did my hair and make-up, (!!!) put on my pearls and super cute cardi (!!!!) and went...  to work cleaning my house.  But I finally felt again that I did care about how I looked.  I may be getting bigger every day, but at least I felt like I looked good!

So Adieu, inner frump (adieu is a fancy way of saying goodbye.)  My time machine has been re-adjusted; from now on it is Bonjour Fancy Nancy!!!


suzanne said...

It's great to feel ready early in the day, so when someone comes a knocking you don't feel like hiding!!
After a few years experience, I know for certain, if it doesn't happen early --- it doesn't happen!! p.s. keep the pearls - ditch the high heels until Paul gets home - too difficult chasing a 2 year old and you'll get bunions. Good luck Fancy Nancy -Crazy Lady!

Vanessa said...

Awesome!! good for you Maja! It is way too easy to not really care when you spend all the time in the house (I know, because I've felt that way). You have inspired me to try harder!!

PS I saw Laura's pictures, and teeth dirty or not, you still look fantastic!

missLaura said...

If you have a one minute routine that includes brushing your teeth then some other things need to change! Now that you are fancy you should be brushing your teeth for at least 2 minutes morning and night.
And at least you kept the bra on and the birkenstocks off. Two steps away total hippie ;)

Naomi said...

I can't wait to see your Fancy Nancy!! I want her to come out for a girls night and a visit and a field trip and and and...:)Love you!

stone's eye view said...

I am glad someone already mentioned the proper tb time. That was close.

That was really funny. Welcome back form Frumpsville.

Kevin and Amy Ledding said...

i just love have made me smile all day with this one.

Kristy Tanner said...

Maja, you crack me up! Soooo funny! Don't be too hard on yourself! I usually find if I am ready all the time nothing gets done in my house. I can't work in jeans and a nice shirt! It is so fun to hear what you guys are up to!

Suzy said...

I love you Maja. You always make me laugh and that was hilarious!

Bonnie Tonita White said...

Maja your boys are adorable. Your blog is funny. I sadly recognized the Frump uniform. And pleased you have discovered Fancy Nancy. It is really one of the best gifts you can give your children - that taking time for yourself - even if it is to floss your teeth and brush them - is important. That you matter. And congratulations on #5.