Saturday, December 18, 2010


4 shows I watch:
  1. So here I was supposed to say:  "I don't watch tv anymore - we cancelled cable (which we did) and I am a much better person for it"
    But instead, I have to say "I cancelled cable, but they didn't turn it off and now - ridiculously and hugely pregnant, after the kids are in bed - it is all I do."  No better person here.  Stinkin' Shaw. 
    So this becomes "Top 4 Shows I Watch"
    1. 30 Rock (arguably the funniest show on tv)
  2. 3.Modern Family
  3. 4. Amazing Race (Paul and I watch this and talk about how we would do it if we were on the show.  Yep - total nerds.  But if we ever went on the Amazing Race, we would seriously kick some A.)

4 things I’m passionate about:
  1. 1. Getting my basement put back together after yet another flood this summer.
    2. Homeschooling.  Not necessarily that I am passionate about it, but I AM passionate about questioning whether or not it is the right decision.
    3. Getting my house DONE!  Cleaned, organized, de-junked.  The sooner I realize it will never be done, the happier I will be.
    4. The names Henrietta and Walter.  Love them, but they are going to be really tough, tough sells.

4 phrases I say a lot:
  1. 1.To self, "It'll be fine, I can do this.  It'll be fine, I can do this.  I'll be fine, I can do this..."
    2.  To self (again - OK, are you noticing a pattern here, because I am...  Cer-RAZY) "Top to Bottom, Left to Right, Focus, focus, FOCUS!"
    3. Out loud to kids, "One....  Two.....  Three...."
    4. "No, dad is not coming home tonight."  Med school sucks.

4 things I have learned (YET STILL DO) from the past:
  1. 1.That if you go to bed with a dirty kitchen your next day is going to be playing catch up.  All day long.  
  2. 2. That if I lie down within 2 hours of eating, I will want to cry from heartburn.
    3. Effort is very rarely not worth it.
    4. Buy 4 bottles of Vidalia Sweet Onion dressing at Costco in the summer, because for some totally unknown reason, they do NOT stock it in the winter.  Tragic.

4 places I’d like to go:
  1. 1. Machu Picchu.  I want to go so bad it hurts.  I watched a show on it on Discovery and it is unbelievably amazing.  Now, it is at the top of the list. 
  2. 2.Disneyworld
  3. 3. New York
  4. 4. Venice.  Apparently, it is sinking (another Discovery show - see first topic) stinkin' climate change) so I should get on that one sooner, rather than later.

4 things I did yesterday:
  1. 1.Went to one of my besties yesterday, Naomi's, and it was like therapy.  
  2. 2. Made some hair flowers for Charlotte with said Bestie.  I love her.
    3. Watched "Love Actually" with Paul and really, really loved it.  But feel like I shouldn't because of a nude scene.  But I really did love it.
    4. Discovered that I love using a washcloth in the shower!  Never tried it before and am fully converted now.

4 things I look forward to:
  1. 1. My basement being done!!!!!  Which means:
    a) Desk/office out of my bedroom
    b) Toys out of the upstairs (no more stepping on random lego when I get out of bed (Hallelujah chorus)) 
    c) DVD's up and out of Ezra's obsessive hands
    d) Watching a movie as a family someplace other than my bed.  A couch would be really, really awesome.

4 things I love about winter:
  1. 1. This is usually from just from the window, but I genuinely love the snow!  Although, Saskatoon is making me a little more bitter about it.  It was easier to love in Calgary where it wouldn't get and stay so cold, and would even periodically melt.  What is not to love about that?!?
    2. That my kids think 6:30 am (when it is still dark) is still the middle of the night.  Much harder to convince them of that in the summer when the sun has been blazing in their room for an hour already.
    3. Hot chocolate, the wide variety of herbal teas, Postum, Apple Cider....
    4. Feeling far less exposed about all the pregnancy weight.  "No, no - I haven't gained an obscene amount, I am just wearing lots of layers..."

4 things on my wish list:
  1. 1. To not move for Paul's residency.  
    2. To not ever, ever have water in my basement again.  Never.  
    3.  A new dresser, headboard and side tables.  C'mon Santa!
4. One full day, guilt free to myself with no budget.  I wouldn't go crazy, but would want to shop, eat lunch and get a pedicure without much thought of how much it was costing.  And to be able to come home to a clean house, with fed, bathed children asleep in their beds.  Seriously, doesn't that sound dreamy????

4 people I tag:
  1. 1. Naomi
    2. Alice (start blogging already, would you???!!!)
    3. Janine
    4. Aimee


Sharon said...

love learning more about you!

akathemom said...

you know i never will...
but i loved this!!!
i love walter. did i tell you it is Ann of green gables's dad's name?
and hahahahahaha about questioning hsing. hahahahahahahahah.

Heather said...

Maja, this made me miss you and when you said that your guilt free day of shopping and lunch.. I thought.. let me know when you go and count me in!