Friday, April 30, 2010

It is that Time of Year Again

I have a love/hate relationship with spring.  It is such a huge relief to get out of the (let's be honest) demoralizing winter's of Saskatchewan.  They are so long, so cold and so painful that when spring comes - you grab hold of tight, like a treasured prize you are afraid to lose.  I feel like I can start being social again! I no longer want to hide out in my house in hibernation mode!

But with the spring - in Saskatoon anyway, comes a whole different wave of sadness.  We, like many of our friends, are Alberta/BC ex-pats.  We came to Saskatchewan with the lure and hope of being able to get into the college of our husband's dream's (mostly Dental, but a few crazies want Vet Med, Medicine, Education, Pharmacy or Law).  Like our friends we moved away from family and have had babies out here and have raised young families.  It is a unique place where people come, try to get in, stay a few years and then - move on.

And every spring it happens - people move on.  I am so grateful for spring to finally arrive here, but also hate that it is always associated with farewells.  I am so happy for the friends that I have made here over the years, and equally happy for my friends - that they get to move on to the next chapter of life (What?  You can actually be DONE school AND make money?????), but I am sad for me to say goodbye.

This year we say goodbye to the Jubber's, Stone's (maybe not?), Gauthier's, Cooper's, Baker's and Jahn's. We will really miss you guys.


Vanessa said...

:( :( I feel the same way. Being the one leaving this year sure doesn't make it easier! Or even feel that different. I still felt the sadness when Heather left. It is silly and hypocritical of me. I'm going to miss Saskatoon in so many ways!

Kristy Tanner said...

Hi Maja!!
Cute blog, I got on it from Beth's!! I blog too here is the address

It is fun to hear what you are up to, because there is always something!!
Those kids are sure adorable!!

stone's eye view said...

It is sad to see people leave!

Karen said...

aww, thanks! we'll miss you too! and i didn't even get to swim in your pool!

The Coopers said...

aww, that was so nice. I was sad to say goodbye and It was so nice to chat with you before we left.
we'll miss you guys and sooo wish you would have had that sweet pool the year before!

missLaura said...

wont be long before it is YOU!!!!

The Weismiller Family said...

You know what else I hate about this, eventually it will be me moving, one day. I think about all the people I'm going to miss. I will come back to visit, and most of everybody will be gone.