Monday, September 28, 2009

Just a Mom...

I was at church yesterday when I had a conversation with a woman I didn't know very well. She is at a stage in her life where she is quite miserable, so this is by no means reflective of her, or her comment. But it is the generalization that warrants this post. Her question to me was:

"Are you just a mom, or do you do anything else?"

Just a mom????

Are you kidding me?

I have heard this question before, but this time it really hit home as to how truly one dimensional it is. I think she was wondering if I had a paid job that I did as well.

But Paul is in medical school - and I am quite sure, even though he also does not get paid, is never asked,

"Are you just a med student?"

I answered her with my tail feathers ruffled that I was far more than JUST a mom.

I am taking a class (and kicking butt and taking name in it), I am taking piano lessons, I am running, I have four children who need/demand/want me, a husband who I try to support with a happy home and few pressures (except for the deck - another story entirely), I babysit one day a week, I am in a book club, I am involved at Lincoln's school, I am active in my callings at church... Here I am justifying to the anonymous world of the internet that I am more than just a one dimensional person.

But as I write the things that I do and that occupy my time, I am realizing that if all I was was a mom - than I might be far better at it. It might mean that I was putting all of my very best possible effort into one of the most difficult and important jobs in the world. I am raising my children to be good citizens; happy responsible adults who love God, people and the world around them.

If that really was "all I did" wouldn't that be enough???


Aimee said...

Amen, sister.

stone's eye view said...

Standing ovation.....

missLaura said...

Maja, I think you are too industrious to be just a mom.

The Coopers said...

i've heard it before too, and even been on the other side of the question as well a little,
i've even been know to say, when people ask me what i do? I have said "i am JUST a mom"..

i have come to realize that is defiently enough for me and more than enough, it is really all i WANT. For now i know that is the most important job of all and i Know that is what i am here for!!
Good for you Maja!!

Andy said...

wicked post maja

oh, and i can totally hear you saying "are you kidding me?!:

ha ha. man, i miss sask, and all the people in it.

Little Boy Blue said...

You are awesome! Have you read "I am a MOther" by Jane Clayson Johnson? I needed to read that book to get the vision you already have. You are a great example of what she is trying to get all women to feel. Motherhood is the most important and worthwhile job in the world and something to be proud of!
You are truly an incredible woman and mother!

b.liz said...

You're a fantastic mom too! I love to tell people how blessed I am to stay at home with my kids. Maybe that's way too Pollyanna, but I would never choose anything else.

Way to go standing up for the most important job in the world!