Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy New Years!

When September rolls around, I go from being really sad that summer is gone (and completely terrified that another Saskatchewan winter is upon us) - to utterly thrilled at the new year! Although I know it technically isn't a new year, it feels way more like it than January 1.

With that in mind, and thanks to an 8 hour drive home from Glenwood, I was able to plan, set some goals and get excited about the coming months.

1. Take piano lessons! I have started/stopped so many times I have lost count, but now I have Lincoln doing it with me so there is no stopping allowed. Since I am already threatening him within a inch of his life to practice, it is the least I can do. Really, the timing is perfect.

2. Take Chemistry 30 (grade 12 chem). Holy dinah this one scares the crap out of me! I never passed chem 30 in high school - but I like to think that it was because I NEVER went, missed a couple unit tests, etc; not because I COULDN'T do it. But now - all bets are off! What happens if I go to every class, do all my homework and actually write the tests... and still do poorly! That would be a disaster! So I am basically studying every night because my fear is all consuming. I read my notes while I am eating lunch, blow drying my hair, "watching" the kids on the tramp... This has resulted in my being the ultimate nerd in class. On the first night I thought 80% would be awesome. Then I heard how some people are gunning for a 90% to get into competitive programs. That really pushed me over the edge. Now I have to get 100%!!

3. Run 10 km in 60 min by the real New Year. That is a REALLY fast pace for me, since my current speed would rival the tortoise, with the endurance of the hare. NOT a great combo.

4. No tv for all of September. Paul and I can watch a movie once a week and the kids can pick a movie once a week. But nothing more. It has been more than a little weird. What? Else? Is? There????? Thankfully goal #2 is taking up some time, but wow. Have a little more free time now... You may see I post a little more often...!!!

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Janine said...

Good goals and good luck! I'm still working on my January goal - to lose what was 10 pounds but is now closer to 20 I'm sure.

Really though, my main goal was to be happy. And I'm doing not bad with that - regardless of the weight gain. Or perhaps the weight gain is a result of the happiness...