Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Going Public

For a while I kept my blogging secret.  Not even my mom knew about it, and my mom knows about pretty much everything.  The Blog was called "Just for Laura" because she kept harassing me to start one.  Not too sure why... but I am glad she did.  I was extremely hesitant to start because I wanted it to be funny, well-written, darling, awesome pics of everyone and everything... basically perfect.  And since I knew logically that was NEVER going to happen, I didn't even want to start.  Enter Laura.  She is very good at persuading and promised she would never tell anyone else about my secret little blog.  (Yes, I see now how silly it was to think Blog on the INTERNET could be secret - haha.)  And that it would only be her reading it so it wouldn't matter if it wasn't perfect.  Made sense, right?  Why not!  True to her word, she didn't tell anyone.  But as I left comments on other people's blogs that I read, it would take them (me unknowing) to my ever imperfect blog.  (Stress level increasing, stress level increasing...  Deep breath... deep breath)  But I guess I kind of got over it (which I am certain Laura knew I would) and now am thrilled to have comments from friends about the silly things I think about.  Thanks for reading, your comments and now I would be happy if you come back, as long as you don't expect it to be perfect.

Take that Crazy!  I am so going to defeat you one day...!


suzanne said...

who could possibly be less judgmental than moi -continue to chase that crazy and I will continue to cheer. love it. saruganuts

Flora said...

I`m sorry - I gave your Mom your blog address - I didn`t know it was a secret! I have to say that I did think it was a little odd that you had not told her. But I figured that she was so busy - and you were so busy - that it just hadn`t come up. Glad you have gone public!

Debbie Jo said...

Maja, you have the cutest blog ever!! I just loved reading it! Your kids are super duper cute! I remember when Lincoln was JUST born!!! Where has the time gone?!

missLaura said...

your blog is the best Maja. I knew it would be. It is the cutest design or maybe it is that huge picture of the cutest kid ever. Seriously, those eyes? Kill me!
Glad your public.