Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This is what Paul found when he got out of the shower this morning.  After telling him for the last few days that I wasn't feeling well, and was super tired, and after his insisting that I take a pregnancy test... I finally got this out this morning.  (BTW - 2 lines = POSITIVE.)

Paul called me in and said, "Have you seen this?? Me "Why?"
Paul - lifting the pregnancy test for me to see...
Me - "Oh My Gosh."
Paul - (Laughing, shaking his head) "Holy Crap, Is this for real?  I can't believe it.  What are we going to do?  We are so done!"
Me - "There is no way... But how could it be wrong?"
Paul - "I have no idea what to say..."

Me - "Well - I can only think of one...  April Fools!"  

Hahaha.  I wanted to let him think it all day, but he has a big exam on Friday that he really needs to be able to focus on.  So ladies, get a pregnancy test from the dollar store while you are pregnant, take it, and keep it in the wrapper until a future date when you want to mess with your husband's head...  Guaranteed good time!!  

It was fun to see what he would say though.  When my brother Stefan, found out his wife JoDee was pregnant with their 5th (the oldest, twins, were 7) he didn't speak to her for 3 months!  Thankfully Paul was a little better at receiving unexpected news.


missLaura said...

That is the best. You played it up adding the tired comments in a few days before. Hilarious.
Love the new look. SO chic. So pretty. So great!

Janine said...

Very funny. I wish I knew about this trick when I was pregnant and could save the test.

Also - love those Skor bites.

Aimee said...

This is awesome. So glad to find your blog!

Sharon said...

You are hilarious! I thought of doing the same thing but didn't have the foresight to take the test and keep it for future use. I also didn't have the guts to ask any of my now pregnant friends for their pee. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, that is HILARIOUS. Bordering on cruel! Glad you didn't let him think that for very long!