Saturday, March 7, 2009

Genes and Weird Science

Out of the kids in my family, as far as looks go, we mostly all got my dad's genes.  Four out of the 5 kids have blue eyes (dad), again 4 out of 5 got thin, mostly useless hair (thanks again, dad); we all have a "Neilson" look that makes it fairly easy to tell we are siblings.  Nothing obvious from my mom's side, except we all have her hair line.  At the top sides of our foreheads, it gets really, really thin.  Like baby hair that never grew out.  While I was looking in the mirror today, I noticed I am starting to get a few grays in that area.  But unfortunately the option of plucking is not there since it would look like male pattern baldness instead of just gray.  Bald or gray?  Can't say I like my options!  Couldn't I get her thick, gorgeous hair instead of the hairline??  Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just order your genes old school style like Weird Science and just scan all the elements you want into the computer!  Sign me up!

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missLaura said...

You did inherit your Dad's ability to convince anyone. Maybe you should stop by the place that does hair implants, you could convince them to do it for free.