Saturday, March 7, 2009

$100 bet

So my family is doing this $100 no sugar thing.  You can't eat any sugar or you have to put in $100 to give to the winner.  Sadly, after 5 days I was out because I TOTALLY forgot and licked a lollipop!!  A LOLLIPOP!!!  So not worth it.  GRRRR!  What can you do?  I have post-baby brain and CANNOT be trusted to not forget something.  (OK - that may have been a double negative, but who's counting...)  Anyway the bet has now evolved into reading scriptures daily, working out for 30 min 4x a week and saying your prayers.  So I am thinking Paul and I are going to do it - and make it separate.  $100 for no sugar, $100 for the other stuff.  While I am at it though - I am thinking that I want to make $100 for a lot of different things.  Like making dinner every night for a month.  It would be WAY cheaper to give me a $100 reward at the end of the month than to order pizza once a week and better for us...!  And laundry.  I think that should start costing $10 a load... to stay on top of it.  And while I had the dayhome, I paid a cleaning lady to come in 2 x a month - does that mean now that I am doing her job, I can get paid for it too??  Man at the end of this I am going to be making BUCKS DELUXE!  


Janine said...

Nice idea - you are going to be rich AND perfect!

missLaura said...

Um, I'll do your laundry for that kind of cash.

Every time you forget just give me a call.