Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Do you ever read blogs from people you don't know, but the more you read them, the more convinced you become that you are destined to be buddies with the author?  Now, see, for the normal part of the population, I would guess most of you would say, "why no!  It never even occurs to me!  I just like reading it because (insert sane rationale for reading details about stranger's lives they post on-line - here)."

But this is where the crazy stalker in me takes over and thinks everything I read, from this one blog in particular, is exactly like ME!!  We are kindred spirits!!!!  She writes like I would if I actually blogged!!  So to list the reasons why I think we were separated at birth: she is the same age as me (not the same birthday per se, but she is in her early 30's - so that means a TON, right?!), has 4 kids (ok, we are no longer twinsies in that department, but for a while we were), home schools (ok, not that one anymore either), home birthed her kids, (I just had one at home, but still - same, right?), she struggles keeping her house in order AND she is Mormon!  Can you say same/same?!

So I know that it's crazy, and I know that we are not the same so much after all, but I still feel like we would seriously be friends if we happened to live in the same country/state/ward.  And I have been tempted to write her a letter telling her as much.  (But then, I also think that Sarah Palin and I, while we vastly differ on political ideas, would also be besties after watching her TLC show.  Well, maybe not besties; she did actually shoot live animals, but for the sake of our friendship, I would be willing to overlook it because she is so much dang fun... )  But then I realized that put in the same level as that crazy guy in the cheesy 90's movie"The Bodyguard".  But it is So. Hard. To. Resist.

So today, instead of telling her why I think we should be BFF's, I am telling all of you.  Why tell one, when instead you can admit to everyone who reads your blog (granted that's probably only three people) that I am absolutely Coo-coo for cocoa puffs Nuts.

So there it is.  I am a cyber-stalker.

Do you have a one-sided-cyber-bestie too???


Andy said...

Ha ha! Maja you're so funny, and so not alone in the cyber-stalking dept. I actually had someone come up to me at a pool once when I was swimming with my kids. She said that she felt like she knew me and my kids because she read my blog (this was back when I updated and wrote about semi-interesting things). It was so weird (and a tad bit flattering).

... and I'm excited to read her blog. I like you alot... so I'll like her too, right?

missLaura said...

as long as you're not an actual stalker then everything is ok. Keep your stalking to the internet and everything is great!

brock + amy said...

I know what you mean...I'll end up on a friend, of a friend, of a friend's blog...haha
I am glad you posted this on facebook so I could discover you had a blog! You can consider me one of your "stalkers" now :)

Sharon said...

you are hilarious!!!! loved this post!

Jen said...

Kind of but it was back in the day.... I had a one-sided cyber thing with a dude who wrote for the paper.... I read the paper and sent him an e-mail, back when e-mail wasn't common parlance and nobody, not even me, actually believed that it would work half the time... back in the day when the BBS was fun... yup. And he totally wrote back to me and I was all what the heck, really? and then we met for lunch 'cuz I thought he was awesome and he thought I had it together and my parents had a fit, dad especially, because I was 16 and he was maybe late 20-something? I forget. I always did find age rather irrelevant like that. We hung out in Toronto a couple years ago when Russell and I were there. The 3 of us went to the Rex for some live jazz and a glass or 2 of Guiness. Of all the nights to go... my moderately recent ex-boyfriend's younger brother was on the bass that night. It was pretty surreal.

I'm not very good at the one-sided thing. Generally when I seriously love something someone is doing and think we'd be besties, I tell them so. And this often, freakishly, (not that it happens often, but when it does) works out in me getting a new online bestie, at least for a while.

stone's eye view said...

this is so you!
maybe she has a blog she stalks, too. maybe its yours????

The Coopers said...

you r so funny! i can never think of things like that to write about, love it