Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pros and Cons of Being Knocked Up

Being pregnant has its ups and downs.  Immediately after Eloise was born, I commented several times to my midwives how glad I was to no longer be pregnant.  Since then however, I have come to miss a few things, but have also been able to solidify in my mind why I really am glad to be done.

Glad to be pregnant:
- Only 4" of water needed to almost completely submerge my entire body in the tub.  Aaaahhh.  Water displacement at its finest.
- Not being cold once this winter.  Seriously.  And that is saying something for Saskatoon, SK.
- Being able to celebrate and be proud of a 42" waist (or was that 52"?)  Pregnant+fat=ok.
Pregnant+fat-pregnant=only fat.  Boo.
-Weeks 20-30 baby moves.  Nothing cooler.
-Nails that grew like crazy
-Maternity pants from Motherhood.
-Feeling full.  Now after I eat, I wonder if I had just imagined the whole thing because I my left arm still looks pretty tasty.

Glad to do done:
- While it takes a lot more water, I feel like I now actually can FIT in the 5' tub.  And I can get up easily to grab the shampoo.  Woohoo.
-Being freezing ever since she was born.  Don't get me started on the night sweats and then getting out of bed to change or feed.  Nothing like damp pj's in a cool night time house to really wake you up.  BRRR!
-Weeks 30-40 and 5 days baby moves.  While always reassuring, also got a little old.  Eloise's straight leg stretch in utero was a personal favourite.
-Being able to bend over.  Everyday Charlotte asks me if I am glad to not have a bowling bowl in my tummy.   Yes, yes I am.
-Nails that grew like crazy
-The Girls have graduated and are now more appropriately called The Ladies.  Unfortunately, after this phase, they will have another name change to the Ma'am's, or maybe the Grannie's.
-Talking about still being pregnant when you should no longer be pregnant.  Worst thing ever.
-Hearing about labour horror stories and knowing that it was on the horizon and there was nothing I could do about it.  Looming.  Like April and tax season with a lot more physical pain.  Blech.
-Maternity pants.  Still have 'em, still wear 'em, and still am SUPER comfy in 'em.  I think that officially qualifies me for the show "What Not to Wear."
-No. More. Heartburn.  The moment she was out my esophagus breathed a sigh of relief.
-I have real ankles again!  No more play-doh, no more cankles.  But real, bonafide ankles.  And while the rest of me is still covered in a layer of soft gooey-dough - my ankles are back, baby!
-Changing her itty-bitty buttered popcorn smelling diaper and holding these skinny, little newborn legs up in the air, knowing full well how quickly they grow into fat, squeezable chunks of love, all the while completely defiling the air and their Depend's sized diaper with man sized poops.

But the biggest reasons of all to be glad to be done being pregnant:
-Smelling her.
-Loving her.
-Cuddling her.
-Nursing her.
-Seeing those dreamy smiles and getting a glimpse of her personality.
-Staring into those blurry newborn eyes and knowing she's mine.


stone's eye view said...

She is a very cut little baby! Congrats on #5!!
- so glad Charlotte got a sister!

missLaura said...

your math in the first part was hilarious! fat+pregnancy=OK, that was funny.
The man sized poops comment was also funny too, gross but funny!
you're on a roll here missy. Keep it going!

Sharon said...

great post! congrats on graduating to the "ladies" again. mine have been grannies since i stopped nursing. :)
you made me wish i was there to give eloise a snuggle.

Vanessa said...

awesome post:)

akathemom said...

awwww... you almost make me want to be pregnant! Almost

the Woods said...

love love love this post. Hope having mamma around this week has made things smooth over there for you!

The Weismiller Family said...

The last part almost made me cry!