Monday, May 18, 2009

Whole Lotta Crazy...

So it is really no secret that I am a little nuts. Many of you would suggest that "little" isn't quite enough to aptly describe the Ku-Ku, but that is ok. For the most part, my crazy is funny - a quirky side of me that I am well aware of, but doesn't really affect my life. Enter my INSANE fear of earthquakes. I am wholly and completely terrified of them. There have been many days where I wake up and think, "I am so glad I live in SASKATCHEWAN because there is NO CHANCE of there ever being an earthquake here." (Such is the benefit of being completely land-locked in the middle of the prairies in Canada. Yup - no chance of an earthquake here! Ok - did you hear that crazy? I LOVE living in Saskatchewan because of no earthquakes??? Yeah - Yikes.)

To explain: when I was 14, my siblings and I were visiting my Nana and Opa in Palm Desert. It was AWESOME! We hung out at the pool everyday and it was the closest I have ever been in my life to having a tan. We were there for 3 weeks and I was in heaven. We saw Geckos and went shopping, went to Disneyland... I felt like we had truly had the "full" California experience. Then on a Wednesday before we were to leave, there was a tremor. It was only 4.1 - enough to give us a little shake and an even bigger thrill. It was AWESOME! WAY better than Disneyland! We had so much adrenaline and couldn't believe our luck at being able to tell all our friends that we were actually in a real earthquake. Then about an hour later, the mobile home started shaking with the fury of a deranged parent! Stuff was flying out of cupboards and the freezer and my bags were packed before it was over. It was 6.3 and we were only 5 miles from the epicenter AND San Andreas Fault. They believed this quake had a 25% chance of causing "The Big One". Umm.... hello? I wanted out of there!!!!!!! I had HAD it with California and vowed to never, ever cross the state border again.

Earthquakes became something I thought about from time to time. When the garage door opened in my parents house in Calgary I quietly freaked. As I did when a freight truck drove too fast down the street, Apparently there is a massive fault line in Utah and every time we visit family I am always aware; listening for crickets because that night in California was SILENT. I finally went back to California a couple summers ago with Paul and the kids and my Loco was just as fervent. I would think about earthquakes several hundred times a day, wondering "what would I do if I was in an earthquake right now?? What about now? And now? I would question the safety of the roads and buildings I was in... Are you getting the picture yet? Yup - TOTALLY nuts!!

Anyway - so this film shoot is in California. And I was actually doing ok about it; looking forward to it even. I focus about how fun it will be and how great it will be having some time with Paul. We were there for 3 weeks 2 summers ago, and we weren't in any earthquakes or tsunami's (don't get me started about those...), so it will be fine (and this is what I keep telling myself) AND THEN THERE WAS AN EARTHQUAKE IN L.A. LAST NIGHT.

That may have sealed the deal guys! I don't know that I need to tell my acne story that bad!


missLaura said...

I'd like to see the pictures of your 'tan Maja.
Go to CA, it will be great! Kick that crazy under the bed for a while, she needs some sleep.

ha ha, love you!

stone's eye view said...

Good story and good comment. HA ha.

LowryLore said...

Hi Maja! Long time since I checked out your blog and realized, again, how much I enjoy your writing and whit! I am going to start reading it more often for a pick-me-up when I need it. We need to talk and catch-up! I LOVE that girl's eyes of yours at the top of your blog! Love Brooke, coming back to the real world after this crazy experience of having a makes me marvel at all who have made it through before me!